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Version: 1.8 Forge


Configuration files

In Minecraft Forge configuration is divided in general (client and common) and world specific (server) config types.
Following that Vampirism's configuration is split across several files:

  • vampirism-client.toml (located in .minecraft/config/) for client specific options
  • vampirism-common.toml (located in .minecraft/config/) for common options
  • vampirism-server.toml (located in <world-dir>/serverconfig/) for gameplay options per world
  • vampirism-balance.toml (located in <world-dir>/serverconfig/) for fine-tuning of the balancing per world

If you want to change the world specific options before creating a world, either to change world-generation or to change it for all created worlds, you can use the defaultconfigs folder. It is located in your .minecraft or server directory. Copy a server or balance config from an existing world to this folder and change the values as desired. It will be used for new worlds.

Additionally, Here is a video description of Vampirism's config system Description

Even more detailed customization can be done via datapacks.

Noticeable configuration options

Mob type compatibility/IMob

'entityIMob' in server
Change how Vampirism's mobs are seen by other mods. See IMob-Issue for more information.

Sundamage dimension configuration

The way how sundamage is handled in the vanilla overworld dimensions as well as additional modded ones can be configured.
sundamageUnknownDimension in server
Specify whether players should be able to receive sundamage in other (unspecified) dimensions.
sundamageDimensionsPositiveOverride in server
Add dimension ids to this list to make sure sundamage can be dealt in them.
sundamageDimensionsNegativeOverride in server
Add dimension ids to this list to make sure no sundamage can be dealt in them.

To find out the id of the current dimension use /vampirism currentDimensions.

Sundamage biome configuration

By default, sundamage is dealt in all biomes except for the Vampire Forest. Additional biomes can be added to
sundamageDisabledBiomes in server

To find out the id of the current biome use the F3 debug overlay.

GUI overlay render location

The position of the level indicator as well as the skill button can be changed in the client specific configuration.


As Mojang pushes more and more towards datapack based content/configuration, Vampirism has to adapt to that. Therefore, some things are only configurable via datapacks. This is a bit more complicated, but at the same time more powerful. This affects e.g. recipes, blood values and parts of world generation

To see things that can be configured via datapacks, take a look at Data Packs.

For datapack creation in general checkout the Minecraft Wiki.

There also is an example datapack here.


Using appropriate server mods/plugins certain actions can also be controlled with permissions.
See Permissions