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Changelog - 1.10

· 2 min read
Paul Becker

Blocks / Items

  • Dark / Cursed Spruce Hanging Signs
  • refillable Arrow Clip for Tech Crossbow
  • garlic potions
  • new Dark Stone variants
  • ammunition selection for Crossbows with 'c'
  • faction items can no longer be used by other factions
  • Ancient Beacon
  • Crucifix
  • Bat Cage
  • Cured Cursed Spruce Logs
  • Fog Diffuser
  • Potted Sapling Blocks
  • Blood-Infused Iron Blocks


  • Cursed Spruce Sapling can be created by interacting with a spruce sapling with pure blood in hand
  • reduce holy water quality reduction recipes


  • Hunter Table / Vampire Altars requirement improvements

Skills / Actions

  • skill cost different number of skill points
  • improved action select screen
    • improved action reorder screen / shortcut assignment


  • new hunter outpost
  • new vampire hut
  • new vampire altar
  • new vampire crypt
  • new boss fight "Ancient Remains"

Textures / Models

  • updated and new textures and models
  • included alternative resourcepack with 2d models instead of 3d models


  • vampire do not starve
  • Hwyla hides player level when disguised
  • Advanced Hunters now equip items instead of rendering them
  • collect resource task repairs equipment
  • fix Garlic Diffuser screen issues
  • Blood Containers and Blood Pedestals emit redstone comparator signal
  • decrease sanguinare time when using injection
  • add sound subtitles

Config / Datapack

  • add a config option to check for permissions
  • load convertibles from datapack
  • load sundamage biomes from datapack
  • tasks are now data pack objects


  • Zinny
  • Fox Prince
  • Grid
  • Random
  • ThariCorvy
  • Zeyke