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· 2 min read
Paul Becker

Blocks / Items

  • Dark / Cursed Spruce Hanging Signs
  • refillable Arrow Clip for Tech Crossbow
  • garlic potions
  • new Dark Stone variants
  • ammunition selection for Crossbows with 'c'
  • faction items can no longer be used by other factions
  • Ancient Beacon
  • Crucifix
  • Bat Cage
  • Cured Cursed Spruce Logs
  • Fog Diffuser
  • Potted Sapling Blocks
  • Blood-Infused Iron Blocks


  • Cursed Spruce Sapling can be created by interacting with a spruce sapling with pure blood in hand
  • reduce holy water quality reduction recipes


  • Hunter Table / Vampire Altars requirement improvements

Skills / Actions

  • skill cost different number of skill points
  • improved action select screen
    • improved action reorder screen / shortcut assignment


  • new hunter outpost
  • new vampire hut
  • new vampire altar
  • new vampire crypt
  • new boss fight "Ancient Remains"

Textures / Models

  • updated and new textures and models
  • included alternative resourcepack with 2d models instead of 3d models


  • vampire do not starve
  • Hwyla hides player level when disguised
  • Advanced Hunters now equip items instead of rendering them
  • collect resource task repairs equipment
  • fix Garlic Diffuser screen issues
  • Blood Containers and Blood Pedestals emit redstone comparator signal
  • decrease sanguinare time when using injection
  • add sound subtitles

Config / Datapack

  • add a config option to check for permissions
  • load convertibles from datapack
  • load sundamage biomes from datapack
  • tasks are now data pack objects


  • Zinny
  • Fox Prince
  • Grid
  • Random
  • ThariCorvy
  • Zeyke

· 4 min read
Max Becker



The following is supposed to give you a quick overview over the major features of Vampirism.
There are small features, adjustments or tweaks which are not mentioned here (advancements, loot generation, mob interaction and much more).


Vampire mobs spawn in the same biomes zombies spawn. They are night active and hunt for non-vampire players. They also occasionally suck blood from animals.
The basic vampires have different levels which affect their health as well as damage. Their level is chosen based on the levels of nearby players when they are spawned.
Moreover, there are advanced vampires, which are even stronger, but drop better loot. Sometimes normal vampires follow them.
They are named after people who contributed to this mod. Vampire hunter spawn in small camps generated around the world. They hunt vampires, but usually stay close to their tent.
They also spawn in different levels and sometimes there is an advanced hunter in the camp. Vampire barons appear in the vampire forest. They are very strong and grow fangs when angered. They do not like other powerful vampires in their territory, so they attack vampire players and other barons. In the vampire forest there are vampire versions of the vanilla mobs.
If you suck all of a creature's blood it might also turn into a vampire version.


Villages play an important role in Vampirism, since there are many blood-rich villagers there.
Vampirism (slightly) increases the density and size of villages in the world.

Villagers can be captured and controlled by vampires or hunters. The controlling faction will have benefits in the village like fog to prevent sun damage or better trades.


Many aspects of the game are configurable. Instead of modifying the configuration files you can also use the ingame menu (Only in Minecraft 1.12).
Almost all balance related values are configurable in the balance section. For more information see here: Configuration

Items and Blocks



Vampire players can unlock many skills after leveling up. Some skills allow the player to use certain actions like turning into a bat or disguising as a normal human or turning invisible.

Blocks and items

There are different blocks allowing vampires to collect, store and use their blood. Dyeable coffins allow vampire players to sleep with style during the day. Some weapons specifically crafted for vampires can be charged with blood to improve their damage. However, players have to train with them to be able to use them perfectly.


Altars allow vampires to perform rituals to level up. Depending on the level the requirements change.



Hunter player can unlock many skills after leveling up to not give them more means to defeat the vampires but also to make themselves stronger.

Blocks and items

There are several blocks enabling hunter players to craft better weapons, brew special potions or keep vampires away. However, they have to learn how to use them first. Some new weapons are these crossbows, which are available in different variants and with different arrow types. Special weapons are especially powerful against vampires. There are three different new armor types for hunter. They all come in three tiers. The middle tier is more difficult and expensive to craft. The highest one can only be found in loot chests around the world.


A special chair can be found alongside a trainer in a special village building. These are required for leveling up as a hunter.

Lord and Minions

After reaching the highest level as vampire or hunter you can become a vampire lord or a master hunter and obtain different ranks. Therefore, they must complete tasks for a vampire/hunter faction representative.

The higher your rank, the more minions you can control. Minions can be equipped with weapons and armor, store items in their inventory and be leveled up. You can give your minions various tasks like defend an area, collect resources or follow you.

· 2 min read
Paul Becker

New Feature

  • Reworked Vampire Forest
  • (Weapon) Oils for Hunters
  • New Skill Tree for Lord Players and additional skill points
    • Buff minion stats
    • Locked blood collection minion action between skill unlock
  • Added Item Blessing for Hunters and reworked Holy Water crafting
    • To bless an item (like pure salt water), hold-right-click the church altar for some time
  • Reworked Vampire Book screen and added new content by @Matheo, @SpecialKrab and @CournBread
  • Reworked Skill Screen
  • Removed Obsidian Armor
    • Due to many complains regarding PVP balancing the obsidian armor has been removed
    • Increases Armor of Swiftness and Hunter Coat durability
  • Added Crucifix for Hunters.
    • Exists in different tiers
    • Actively hold it to push away nearby vampire entities
    • Models by @Йода
  • Reworked Vampire Infection
    • You no longer automatically infect creatures
    • With level 4 you unlock an action to infect a creature
  • New Decorative Blocks
    • Throne by @BugraaK
    • Vampire rack @BugraaK
  • Internal rework of item registrations in preparation for 1.19 by TheModdingInquisition
  • Hunter crossbows now need to be manually loaded before firing them (just like the vanilla crossbow)

Minor Changes

  • Removed Thirst Effect and replaced with vanilla Hunger
  • Reduced blood exhaustion in vampire forest
  • Added Vampire Accessory recycling recipes
  • Made Vampire Clothing repairable with human hearts
  • Changed blood feeding sound
  • Allow most enchantments for weapons
  • The Curing of vampiric creatures is now the same as curing Zombie Villager
    • Removed Infested Apple and Zombie Injection
  • Change faction specific tool tips

New Texture/Models

  • Altar of Inspiration model by @1LiterZinalco
  • Amulet and Ring textures by @Eris
  • Hunter Minion Upgrade texture by @Grid
  • Coffin model by @Йода
  • Crossbow models by @Random
  • Blood Bucket, Human Heart and Weak Human Heart textures by @T_Corvus


  • Improved blood value loader via JSON
  • New config option to disable all negative effects from the sun with craftable sunscreen effect
  • Dimension blacklist for bat mode
  • Unlock all skills test command

· 5 min read
Max Becker


All world gen related config is now in COMMON config. Old values elsewhere are ignored. This affects biome and mob spawn rates, hunter tent separation and village separation Vampire Armor

  • Vampires have natural armor when not wearing armor
  • The amount of armor scales between iron and diamond from level 1 to level 14
  • This natural armor does not stack with additionally worn armor
  • If wearing heavy armor (anything stronger than leather) your vampire specific speed and attack speed buff will be cut by half
  • Armor enchantments can be applied to (not yet rendered) stylish vampire clothing that can be equipped in the armor slots
  • After respawning the armor will take some time to fully regenerate
  • Vampires can wear new vampire clothing, that does not provide any protection but is enchantable

Vampire Immortality

  • Vampires do not immediately die from certain damage sources, instead they go into a down-but-not-out (DBNO) state where they can still be hit, but are ignored by mobs
  • After some regeneration (timeout) phase, they can choose to resurrect. Alternatively, they can always decide to die and respawn instead
  • After resurrecting vampires are weakened and instantly die when they are killed again in the next few minutes (neonatal effect)
  • While DBNO vampire can be immediately finished using vampire killing weapons like stake, holy water or fire

Vampire Accessories

  • Vampires can now equip accessories (ring, amulet and obi belt) which give buffs (and debuffs) and can even modify certain skills
  • There are many different effects and combinations of effects and you can try to collect the perfect set of ring, amulet and obi belt
  • In total there are much more than 100.000 possible combinations, even though many are similar.
  • Accessories cannot be unequipped and are destroyed if another is equipped in the same slots
  • Upon respawning (after death) accessories take a random amount of damage and eventually break
  • Certain accessories can for example change the dark blood projectile to a short range 360° attack

Task changes

  • Added Vampirism Menu as quest screen and hub for other screens
  • Non unique tasks now expire after some time
  • Show last known location of faction representative that offered a task


  • Vampire swords can be enchanted with most enchantments now
  • Enhanced Hunter Coat now buffs hunter disguise and give bonus looting
  • Reduce minion upgrade diamond price
  • Remove vampire bite attack
  • Don't prevent disguised hunters from interacting/attacking but instead break their disguise
  • Vampire invisibility also hides armor, items and shadow
  • Garlic beacon has an activation delay
  • Garlic beacon finder item allows vampires to more easily locate garlic beacons
  • Hunter player blood is no longer poisonous
  • Hunter chest armor prevents feeding

Faction Raids

  • NPC raids can now be triggered by walking into a village with a vampire/hunter bad omen effect
  • Bad omen effect can be obtained by killing rare vampire/hunter creatures that carry a banner
  • Added rewards for defending a village
  • Different raid strengths and rewards
  • Village captures do not require a player to be inside the village bounds
  • Reworked "boss bar"
  • Updated raid sequence

Skill changes

  • Reordered some hunter skills
  • Changed attack damage and speed skills
  • Removed vampire vista skill
  • New skill that allows reducing neonatal duration
  • New skill that reduces timeout before resurrecting in DBNO

Textures and decorative blocks

  • New decorative blocks by the 1LiterZinalco and Oreo365
  • New hunter textures by Random2325
  • New textures by DimensionPainter
  • New vampire sword model by Shumnik
  • New hunter axe model by Random


  • Changelog chapter in GuideBook summarizing the major changes
  • Skeletons no longer attack vampires and creeper always flee
  • Vampire minions should try to avoid the sun if there current task permits it
  • Minions should consume food/blood items in their offhand to heal
  • Blood projectile fine-tuning
  • Allow curing converted villagers and creatures with an Infested Apple similar to curing zombie villagers
  • Add training dummy to determine damage and DPS
  • Preview appearance when hovering over a skin/eye type
  • Updated vampire book content
  • Use correct appropriate model (steve/alex) for vampire and minions texture
  • Allow binding higher level vampires as minions
  • Fix village capture AI requiring line of sight and make sure advanced entities participate in a capture event
  • New minion related and other advancements
  • Reset skills by consuming Potion of Oblivion instead of loosing a level
  • Allow resetting minion stats by giving them a Potion of Oblivion
  • Change totem beam visibility (only during capture)
  • Totem of Undying now gives fire protection and sunscreen
  • Update item tooltips
  • Add third action keybinding option
  • Many performance optimization
  • Bat mode does not change the players health anymore, instead it removes any armor effect and doubles incoming damage
  • Fix bite/feed permission
  • Fix crashes
  • Replace all coremods with mixins
  • Cleanup
  • Refined commands
  • Update GuideBook for 1.8
  • Allow naturally generated villages be enlarged (when vampirism villages)
  • Allow floating point values for skillPointsPerLevel
  • Don't show accessory slots for hunters
  • Add faction changed event to API
  • Render second skin layer for basic hunters
  • Add faction log marker
  • Fix unique tasks (e.g. lord) not being acceptable after timeout
  • Allow zero weight for forest biome
  • Fix crash related to hunter minion skin
  • Migrate to official Mojang mappings
  • Fix feeding adapter quest not recognizing imob hunter kills
  • Fix crash with research table
  • Add converted donkey and mule
  • Fix SelectMinionScreen always choosing the first of multiple identically named minions
  • Improve strings (@Brun333rp)

· 6 min read
Max Becker


Vampirism 1.7 is now available for MC 1.16.4. It is still an alpha, but should be quite stable already. This focuses on the late game and brings several brand new features as well as some reworked features brought back from MC 1.7.10.

Lord and minions

You can finally become a vampire lord again and obtain and control your personal minions. Yes, if you are a hunter you can also become a hunter lord (aka master hunter) and recruit hunter NPCs to support you. Becoming a lord works a little bit different compared with MC1.7.10 though. You have to built yourself a reputation by completing tasks for the local vampire or hunter community. By completing certain tasks you can be appointed as vampire lord and even promoted to higher ranks. There are different lord ranks:

  • for vampires "Baron(ess)" -> "Viscount(ess)" -> "Count(ess)" -> "Duke/Duchess" -> "Prince(ss)"
  • for hunters "Lieutenant" -> "Captain" -> "Major" -> "Colonel"-> "Brigadier" Tasks can be accepted in your local village, if controlled by your faction, at a "faction representative" villager. Upon completion you will gain the specified reward. Besides the lord related task which become available at level 14, there are other quests as well. As a lord you are now allowed to command a minion. Vampire players need a "minion binding" to bind a weak vampire NPC to them, hunter players a "minion equipment" to prepare a weak hunter NPC to work for you. Both items can be obtained as task rewards. With higher lord ranks you are allowed to command more minions. Minions will carry around items for their lord/commander as well as follow their commands. Their appearance can be customized. Currently available commands are: Follow lord, defend lord, defend area, stay, collect resources/blood. When a minion is severly wounded it teleports to safety and waits until their wounds have healed. You can then call them back. If you want to have the best of the best minions you can enhance their equipment or abilities twice. This is very costly though. Unlike in 1.7.10 there isn't a boss fight with Dracula or a castle though. However, this is still an option for future updates/addons if you are willing to implement it.

(Blood) Potion

One things that probably hasn't seen much use since its release is the blood potion table and the related hunter skills. Therefore, it has been reworked/replaced based on a concept created by Pendragon and Kranzy. Instead of crafting potions with hidden and random effects, you can now control exactly what you are getting. With the respective skills you are able to greatly improve the duration or strength of vanilla potions or craft brand new ones. Furthermore, you can improve you efficiency, speed or throughput.

Player appearance screen

As a vampire you have been able customize your appearance (eye/fangs) for a long time now. However, using commands hasn't been the most convinient solution and it is unknown to many players. Therefore, a graphical interface accessible from the skill menu has been developed allowing you to quickly preview and compare different eye and fang types.

Hunter table

The hunter research table has become a tiny bit more complicated to use, bringing it on par with the vampire leveling process. The table has to be enhanced to reach the higher levels now. However, this can be done very easily by placing alchemical cauldron, weapon table and potion table directly adjacent to it.

Textures and Models

Thanks to the great work of RebelT/PixelEyeStudios, Alis and 1LiterZinalco, Vamirism looks better than ever now. The vampire baron has gotten an overhaul, also introducing a baroness, the hunter trainer looks much more sophisticated now and many other textures have been modernized.

Feeding adapter

You want to carry around more blood with you but are tired of dealing with all those bottles in you inventory. Why not directly feed from a blood container in your inventory. While it already has been possible to feed from a placed down blood container, you can now use the specially designed feeding adapter to also feed from it while it is placed anywhere in your inventory. This can also be used to fill leftover blood into the container while feeding from a creature.

We need feedback especially on the usability/intuitivity of the minion controll and the "task master/faction representative" as well as on the balancing of the tasks.



  • Add player appearance screen
    • Allows comfortably changing the eye and fang type of the player
    • Accessible from the skill menu
  • Add player lord status with 5 levels
  • Add minions
    • Can be recruited/bound by lord players
    • Can store items
    • Can be upgraded
    • Perform tasks assigned by player
    • Can move independent from player
    • Can be customized via a minion appearance screen
  • Add faction representative / task master entity
    • Spawns in controlled villages
    • Offers tasks for player
    • Tasks have to be accepted, completed and submitted to receive a reward
    • There are repeatable as well as unique/one-time tasks
    • JEI integration to show that certain items can be obtained as a task reward
    • Texture by @PixelEyeStudios
  • Add feeding adapter which allows feeding directly from blood container in the inventory (and fill it as well)
  • Replaced blood potion table and hunter skill tree with extended potion table and hunter skill tree
    • More controlled potion output
    • Craft very long lasting or very strong versions of vanilla potions
    • Craft previosuly unobtainable potions
    • Increase your speed, efficiency and throughput
    • Added JEI integration to show recipes and required skills
  • Rework hunter table
    • Simple multiblock structure now
    • By placing weapon table, potion table and/or alchemical cauldron next to it the table can be enhanced
    • Higher hunter levels require better table versions
    • Adjust model accordingly


  • Change hunter text color for better readability
  • Render red crosshair when an instant kill of a vampire with a stake is possible #693
  • Modify hunter skill tree to make the weapon table a more central component
  • New model and textures for vampire baron by @PixelEyeStudios
  • New wing animation for vampire baron
  • New texture for hunter trainer by @PixelEyeStudios
  • Make basic vampires follow the baron
  • Make following vampires defend their leader (baron or advanced vampire)
  • Some refined textures by 1LiterZinalco
  • Add special vampire fire resistance potion which grants fire immunity
  • Add a ton of modernized or newly created textures by Alis
  • Update Guidebook
    • Add new content
    • Add live entity rendering


  • Fix vampire/hunter textures changing on reload

  • API changes enabling Werewolves addon mod

  • 14.400 new or changed lines

· One min read
Max Becker
  • A lot of new textures by tinkerhatwill, dimensionpainter, Alis and _Solace!
  • Prevent vampire finisher skill from destroying armor #580
  • Fix automatic blood bottle -> glass bottle conversion
  • Biting undead creatures no longer gives you poison
  • Make spitfire arrows require less lava
  • Make vampire killer arrows slightly cheaper
  • Fix advanced bite skill
  • Fix arrow frugality calculation and allow applying this to normal crossbows
  • Freeze potion now uses new potion effect to actually freeze the playesrr
  • Fix pigmen attacking non vampires #572
  • Allow destroying totem of destroyed village
  • Allow garlic bread to cure sanguinare
  • Fix playerCanTurnPlayer config
  • Ceil displayed charged/trained values for vampire swords #583
  • Remove unnecessary log messages
  • Fix rare crash
  • Fix shapeless recipe display in JEI