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Changelog - 1.6

· One min read
Max Becker
  • A lot of new textures by tinkerhatwill, dimensionpainter, Alis and _Solace!
  • Prevent vampire finisher skill from destroying armor #580
  • Fix automatic blood bottle -> glass bottle conversion
  • Biting undead creatures no longer gives you poison
  • Make spitfire arrows require less lava
  • Make vampire killer arrows slightly cheaper
  • Fix advanced bite skill
  • Fix arrow frugality calculation and allow applying this to normal crossbows
  • Freeze potion now uses new potion effect to actually freeze the playesrr
  • Fix pigmen attacking non vampires #572
  • Allow destroying totem of destroyed village
  • Allow garlic bread to cure sanguinare
  • Fix playerCanTurnPlayer config
  • Ceil displayed charged/trained values for vampire swords #583
  • Remove unnecessary log messages
  • Fix rare crash
  • Fix shapeless recipe display in JEI