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Changelog - 1.8

· 5 min read
Max Becker


All world gen related config is now in COMMON config. Old values elsewhere are ignored. This affects biome and mob spawn rates, hunter tent separation and village separation Vampire Armor

  • Vampires have natural armor when not wearing armor
  • The amount of armor scales between iron and diamond from level 1 to level 14
  • This natural armor does not stack with additionally worn armor
  • If wearing heavy armor (anything stronger than leather) your vampire specific speed and attack speed buff will be cut by half
  • Armor enchantments can be applied to (not yet rendered) stylish vampire clothing that can be equipped in the armor slots
  • After respawning the armor will take some time to fully regenerate
  • Vampires can wear new vampire clothing, that does not provide any protection but is enchantable

Vampire Immortality

  • Vampires do not immediately die from certain damage sources, instead they go into a down-but-not-out (DBNO) state where they can still be hit, but are ignored by mobs
  • After some regeneration (timeout) phase, they can choose to resurrect. Alternatively, they can always decide to die and respawn instead
  • After resurrecting vampires are weakened and instantly die when they are killed again in the next few minutes (neonatal effect)
  • While DBNO vampire can be immediately finished using vampire killing weapons like stake, holy water or fire

Vampire Accessories

  • Vampires can now equip accessories (ring, amulet and obi belt) which give buffs (and debuffs) and can even modify certain skills
  • There are many different effects and combinations of effects and you can try to collect the perfect set of ring, amulet and obi belt
  • In total there are much more than 100.000 possible combinations, even though many are similar.
  • Accessories cannot be unequipped and are destroyed if another is equipped in the same slots
  • Upon respawning (after death) accessories take a random amount of damage and eventually break
  • Certain accessories can for example change the dark blood projectile to a short range 360° attack

Task changes

  • Added Vampirism Menu as quest screen and hub for other screens
  • Non unique tasks now expire after some time
  • Show last known location of faction representative that offered a task


  • Vampire swords can be enchanted with most enchantments now
  • Enhanced Hunter Coat now buffs hunter disguise and give bonus looting
  • Reduce minion upgrade diamond price
  • Remove vampire bite attack
  • Don't prevent disguised hunters from interacting/attacking but instead break their disguise
  • Vampire invisibility also hides armor, items and shadow
  • Garlic beacon has an activation delay
  • Garlic beacon finder item allows vampires to more easily locate garlic beacons
  • Hunter player blood is no longer poisonous
  • Hunter chest armor prevents feeding

Faction Raids

  • NPC raids can now be triggered by walking into a village with a vampire/hunter bad omen effect
  • Bad omen effect can be obtained by killing rare vampire/hunter creatures that carry a banner
  • Added rewards for defending a village
  • Different raid strengths and rewards
  • Village captures do not require a player to be inside the village bounds
  • Reworked "boss bar"
  • Updated raid sequence

Skill changes

  • Reordered some hunter skills
  • Changed attack damage and speed skills
  • Removed vampire vista skill
  • New skill that allows reducing neonatal duration
  • New skill that reduces timeout before resurrecting in DBNO

Textures and decorative blocks

  • New decorative blocks by the 1LiterZinalco and Oreo365
  • New hunter textures by Random2325
  • New textures by DimensionPainter
  • New vampire sword model by Shumnik
  • New hunter axe model by Random


  • Changelog chapter in GuideBook summarizing the major changes
  • Skeletons no longer attack vampires and creeper always flee
  • Vampire minions should try to avoid the sun if there current task permits it
  • Minions should consume food/blood items in their offhand to heal
  • Blood projectile fine-tuning
  • Allow curing converted villagers and creatures with an Infested Apple similar to curing zombie villagers
  • Add training dummy to determine damage and DPS
  • Preview appearance when hovering over a skin/eye type
  • Updated vampire book content
  • Use correct appropriate model (steve/alex) for vampire and minions texture
  • Allow binding higher level vampires as minions
  • Fix village capture AI requiring line of sight and make sure advanced entities participate in a capture event
  • New minion related and other advancements
  • Reset skills by consuming Potion of Oblivion instead of loosing a level
  • Allow resetting minion stats by giving them a Potion of Oblivion
  • Change totem beam visibility (only during capture)
  • Totem of Undying now gives fire protection and sunscreen
  • Update item tooltips
  • Add third action keybinding option
  • Many performance optimization
  • Bat mode does not change the players health anymore, instead it removes any armor effect and doubles incoming damage
  • Fix bite/feed permission
  • Fix crashes
  • Replace all coremods with mixins
  • Cleanup
  • Refined commands
  • Update GuideBook for 1.8
  • Allow naturally generated villages be enlarged (when vampirism villages)
  • Allow floating point values for skillPointsPerLevel
  • Don't show accessory slots for hunters
  • Add faction changed event to API
  • Render second skin layer for basic hunters
  • Add faction log marker
  • Fix unique tasks (e.g. lord) not being acceptable after timeout
  • Allow zero weight for forest biome
  • Fix crash related to hunter minion skin
  • Migrate to official Mojang mappings
  • Fix feeding adapter quest not recognizing imob hunter kills
  • Fix crash with research table
  • Add converted donkey and mule
  • Fix SelectMinionScreen always choosing the first of multiple identically named minions
  • Improve strings (@Brun333rp)