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Changelog - 1.9

· 2 min read
Paul Becker

New Feature

  • Reworked Vampire Forest
  • (Weapon) Oils for Hunters
  • New Skill Tree for Lord Players and additional skill points
    • Buff minion stats
    • Locked blood collection minion action between skill unlock
  • Added Item Blessing for Hunters and reworked Holy Water crafting
    • To bless an item (like pure salt water), hold-right-click the church altar for some time
  • Reworked Vampire Book screen and added new content by @Matheo, @SpecialKrab and @CournBread
  • Reworked Skill Screen
  • Removed Obsidian Armor
    • Due to many complains regarding PVP balancing the obsidian armor has been removed
    • Increases Armor of Swiftness and Hunter Coat durability
  • Added Crucifix for Hunters.
    • Exists in different tiers
    • Actively hold it to push away nearby vampire entities
    • Models by @Йода
  • Reworked Vampire Infection
    • You no longer automatically infect creatures
    • With level 4 you unlock an action to infect a creature
  • New Decorative Blocks
    • Throne by @BugraaK
    • Vampire rack @BugraaK
  • Internal rework of item registrations in preparation for 1.19 by TheModdingInquisition
  • Hunter crossbows now need to be manually loaded before firing them (just like the vanilla crossbow)

Minor Changes

  • Removed Thirst Effect and replaced with vanilla Hunger
  • Reduced blood exhaustion in vampire forest
  • Added Vampire Accessory recycling recipes
  • Made Vampire Clothing repairable with human hearts
  • Changed blood feeding sound
  • Allow most enchantments for weapons
  • The Curing of vampiric creatures is now the same as curing Zombie Villager
    • Removed Infested Apple and Zombie Injection
  • Change faction specific tool tips

New Texture/Models

  • Altar of Inspiration model by @1LiterZinalco
  • Amulet and Ring textures by @Eris
  • Hunter Minion Upgrade texture by @Grid
  • Coffin model by @Йода
  • Crossbow models by @Random
  • Blood Bucket, Human Heart and Weak Human Heart textures by @T_Corvus


  • Improved blood value loader via JSON
  • New config option to disable all negative effects from the sun with craftable sunscreen effect
  • Dimension blacklist for bat mode
  • Unlock all skills test command