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Max Becker

Village Rework

  • Villages work completely different now. Instead of being protected by hunter they belong to a faction or are completely neutral
  • They can be overtaken in a siege
  • They grant benefits to the controlling factions (special merchants, no sundamage, immune villagers, etc.)
  • New dual block structure (village totem)
  • About every second generated village is already controlled by a certain faction
  • Slowly replace surface blocks in vampire controlled villages

NPC actions

  • NPCs (vampire, hunter) are now able to make use of some skills
  • The higher the level the more skills they can use
  • Actions are enabled depending on the situation and have a cooldown
  • There are a few classes of entities (e.g. "Assassin", "Tank", "Support") which have different sets of skills
  • Makes NPC fights a little bit more interesting/unique

New feeding process (vampire)

  • Instead of immediately taking a small amount of blood at an instant, feeding is now a process
  • It slowly drains blood from the victim which is held in place for the time
  • Feeding can be aborted at any time

Vampires souls (hunter)

  • If defeating vampires with a hunter weapon (stake, axe, crossbow, ...) they will drop a vampire soul orb
  • They can be traded with a hunter expert in hunter villages for valuable items



  • Advanced bite skill: Suck blood more effectively and stop feeding just before taking the last drip
  • Improved blood vision: Also see garlic infused entities (e.g. hunter entities)
  • Damage limiter skill: Temporarily cap damage from most sources at a certain amount so you cannot be defeated in one hit by strong enemies


  • Vampire awareness skill: Detect the presence of nearby vampires


  • New advancements
  • Fixed splash potion icons
  • Added dedicated icons for certain armor/tiers
  • Modified hunter armor poison so vampires cannot abuse other mods to avoid poison
  • Added skill icon to inventory
  • Balancing changes (longer invisibility, higher TP reach)
  • Better vampire cloak
  • Vampire swords can be repaired
  • Updated hunter axe model
  • Improved vampire biome fog rendering
  • Limit number of spawned creatures per day for hunter tents
  • Fix command permissions
  • Allow disabling FOV change caused by speed buff received as a vampire
  • Fix advanced player skins not loading
  • Don't kill player when reverting to normal human in hardcore mode
  • Bat mode health is configurable now
  • Garlic plants give garlic effect to vampires
  • More config options
  • Fixes
  • More fixes
  • Even more fixes
  • New bugs