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Version: 1.10 NeoForge

Alchemical Cauldron Recipes


The Alchemical Cauldron can only be used by Hunter Player that have unlocked the Basic Alchemy skill.

Recipes can be made for the Alchemical Cauldron.


You can take a look at the default recipes here.

"type": "vampirism:alchemical_cauldron",
"result": {
"item": "",
"count": int,
"nbt:": {},
"ingredient": {},
"fluidItem": {},
"fluid": {
"fluid": ""
"skill": [],
"cookTime": int,
"experience": float,
"reqLevel": int

fluidItem and fluid are mutual exclusive.

  • type: The type of recipe is vampirism:alchemical_cauldron for alchemical cauldron recipes.
  • result: The result item of the recipe.
  • ingredient: The input ingredient of the recipe.
  • fluidItem: Fluid ingredient of the recipe.
  • fluid: The fluid input of the recipe.
  • skill: The skills the recipe requires. String array of skill registry ids.
  • cookTime: The cooking time of the recipe. Default is 200.
  • experience: The experience gained by the recipe. Default is 0.2.
  • reqLevel: The faction level the recipe requires. Default is 1.

Craft Tweaker

Alchemical Cauldron recipes can be added or changed using Craft Tweaker. But this requires Vampirism Integration to be installed.

The recipe type id is alchemical_cauldron

Adding Recipes

<recipetype:vampirism:alchemical_cauldron>.addRecipe(<recipe-path>, <result-item> , <ingredient>, <item-input>, <required-level>, <cooktime>, <exp>, <required skills>);

<recipetype:vampirism:alchemical_cauldron>.addRecipe(<recipe-path>, <result-item> , <ingredient>, <fluid-input>, <required-level>, <cooktime>, <exp>, <required skills>);
  • recipe-path: String
  • result-item: ItemStack
  • ingredient: Ingredient
  • item-input: Ingredient
  • fluid-input: FluidStack
  • required-level: int
  • cooktime: int
  • exp: int
  • required skills: Skill Bracket array