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Version: 1.10 NeoForge

Alchemy Table


The Alchemy can only be used by Hunter Player

Recipes can be made for the Alchemy Table.


You can take a look at the default recipes here.

"type": "vampirism:alchemical_table",
"group": "",
"result": {
"item": "",
"count": int,
"nbt:": {},
"input": {},
"ingredient": {},
"skill": [],
  • type: The type of recipe is vampirism:alchemical_table for Alchemy Table recipes.
  • result: The result item of the recipe.
  • ingredient: The base ingredient of the recipe.
  • input: The input ingredient of the recipe.
  • skill: The skills the recipe requires. String array of skill registry ids. Optional
  • group: The recipe group. Optional