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Version: 1.9

Hunter Player


  • Players are immune to the vampires poisonous Sanguinare Vampiris bite
  • Player can have different Hunter levels
  • With higher levels the hunters become stronger
  • Can use stakes to e.g. instant kill vampires with below 30% health
  • Normal vampire NPCs killed with a stake will drop Vampire Blood which can be used for leveling or in the Potion table (see below)


More information here


Hunter Players can unlock skills. More information here.

Selection of skills

Blood Potion

Using a Blood Potion Table you will be able to use some Vampire abilities for you.
By mixing the Vampire Blood with garlic, you reduce it's toxicity, allowing you to drink it without dying.
Caused by the strange nature of vampires the blood potion will have a random and unknown set of effects. Some of them will even be bad for you.
By learning more about vampires and unlocking new skills, you might to be able to tell how many bad effects are in a potion or maybe identify some of the effects.
With advanced techniques you also will be able to reduce the chance of bad effects.

The Blood Potion Table also offers another slot. You can insert any item in there, which is then mixed into your potion. Thereby you might be able to affect the "direction" in which the effects might go.

Weapon Table

The Weapon Table allows you to craft advanced weapons including crossbows and more.
Some of the recipe require lava so fill the table with a lava bucket by right clicking it.
To see all recipes use Just Enough Items for now, but let me tell you there are some interesting things like double crossbows or even a "Van Helsing style" crossbow.