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Version: 1.10 NeoForge

IMob Issue

What is IMob

IMob is a Java interface that is used to mark entity classes as hostile in vanilla MC. This for example applies to zombies.
Mods sometimes use this to filter hostile mobs. For example a modded turret might should all IMob creatures.

What is the problem in Vampirism

Since it is an interface it has to be applied statically to the respective entity class. This means a VampireEntity is either IMob (hostile) or not. However, in Vampirism vampires are only hostile to non vampire players and hunters are only hostile towards vampire players. So if marking them as IMob even your friendly neighborhood vampire hunter might be killed by your guarding turret. If not marking them IMob, even hostile vampires attacking your base are not fought off.

Current solution

All relevant entity classes exist in a non IMob version and an IMob implementing subclass. They are both registered as different entity types (e.g. vampire and vampire_imob). The non IMob version is used as default (spawns and other). Based on a config option it is replaced (create new, copy, insert into world, remove old) with an IMob version or vice versa. There are three options.

  • Always IMob
  • Never IMob
  • Smart

The smart option only works in SP and falls back to never IMob on dedicated servers. It choose the type based on the vampire status of the hosting/SP player. So far wee did not get any complaints about this behavior.

Issues from before the "smart" IMob conversion: