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Version: 1.10 NeoForge


I want more skill points

There are two ways of having more skill points by changing config values:

  1. You can increase the skillPointsPerLevel value in the vampirism-balance.toml (e.g. to 1.5 to have enough skill point on lvl 14 to unlock all skills)
  2. You can set the unlockAllSkills value in the vampirism-server.toml to true to be able to unlock all skills on max level

If you are more interested in a general powerup for vampires you can install the Vampirism Godly Mod. It automatically increases the skillPointsPerLevel value

I can't bite/feed

  1. Make sure the keybinding is not blocked by another mod
  2. Check if a red fang icon is displayed when looking at the entity
  3. Make sure to hold down the feed button

Fire damage is too high

This can be configured in the balance configuration. See Configuration

I want werewolves etc.

Go write an addon mod for Vampirism (see Addon Example) or checkout for Werewolves Mod

How do I get vampire blood

Killing a Vampire NPC with a Stake is the traditional method of getting Vampire Blood. Only the final hit has to be with a Stake so the first few hits may be done with a sword. Advanced Vampires (named Vampires) have a passive chance of dropping Vampire Blood without the need of a Stake. Hunter Expert villagers may offer Vampire Blood as a trade.

I have a toxicant effect

This happens if you wear hunter armor as a vampire or the other way around

How do I become human ("un-vampire"/"un-hunter")

As a vampire look for an Altar of Cleansing (or craft one), as a hunter use a Sanguinare Injection at a Med Chair.

How do I get vampire books

Vampire books can be found around the world (e.g. in mineshafts or vampire dungeons). They have cryptic names and content.

You do not have the permission to do this action

Vampirism uses Forge's permission system to allow / disallow certain actions. Take a look at Permissions for detailed information.

I have another question

  1. Checkout this wiki
  2. Make sure you have Guide-API-VP (1.14+) installed and read the guide book
  3. Checkout our Discord