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Version: 1.10 NeoForge


Permission are only relevant if you are hosting a server with a permission mod/plugin

Vampirism utilizes Forge's permissions system for a few actions. Thereby it should be compatible with Forge based permission mods as well as SpongeForge's permission system.

Allow Everything

If you do not want to bother with Vampirism's permissions, you can simply give the vampirism.* permission to all players.

Available permissions

  • vampirism.check Should be given to all players. Used to check if the permission system works
  • vampirism.bite.attack Attack a mob by biting
  • vampirism.bite.attack.player Attack a player by biting
  • vampirism.bite.feed Feed from an animal
  • vampirism.bite.feed.player Feed from a player
  • vampirism.infect.player Infect a player with sanguinare vampirism by biting
  • vampirism.action.* Allow a player to use the specific action (e.b. vampirism.action.vampirism.bat)

Permission Problems

Hybrid Server - Actions etc. can not be used on a server when not being op

"You do not have the permission to do this action" - This message is displayed when a player tries to use an action (e.g. transform into a bat) but does not have the permission to do so.

There is a common problem for some hybrid server (Bukkit + Forge) that the Hybrid server implementation requires the user to have a permission even if there is no permission plugin installed. There is nothing we can do about this, because this is solely an issue in the implementations of the hybrid server.

As a workaround you need to set up a permission plugin yourself and give all players the vampirism.* permission for everything to work.

Luckperms is a popular choice.