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Version: 1.10 NeoForge

Lord & Minions

Once your reached the highest level of your faction, you can be make yourself a name and become a vampire lord or hunter lord respectively.
As a lord you are able to obtain and control minions. To become a lord you have to fulfill a certain task for your faction. You can accept and complete it at any vampire/hunter representative.


LevelHunter TitleVampire Title

The gender used is determined based on your skin type (steve -> male, alex -> female), but this can be changed using /vampirism title-gender <true/false>.


To become a lord or to level up as lord you need to complete special tasks for Village Representatives.


Minions have an inventory that can be used to store items but also to equip the minion with weapons and armor. Furthermore, their appearance can be changed, and you can assign them a new name. Obviously, you can give them commands. Either individually by interacting with the minion and selecting the desired task or by using the minion task menu. The menu can be accessed either by a dedicated keybinding (unbound by default) or by pressing space while your action menu is displayed. Since hunter players might not use their action menu frequently, it might be better to remove the action menu keybinding and instead assign the key to the minion task menu. You can still access the actions by hitting space in the minion task menu (or by using the action 1/2 keybinding directly).

Minions will stay in the world even when you disconnect from the server or change the dimension. If a minion is hurt severely, it will teleport to safety and recover. Once recovered you can retrieve it using the minion task menu.


As a lord you can bind a vampire NPC to you by right-clicking it with a vampire minion binding item. However, many vampires are too strong to be controlled by you, so you have to look for a weak one. You can improve the capabilities of your minion using vampire minion upgrades.


As a hunter lord you can recruit hunter NPCs by giving them basic hunter minion equipment. However, not all hunters are willing to serve somebody, so you have to look for weaker ones. You can upgrade their equipment and improve their capabilities using hunter minion upgrades.


At the time of writing there are the following tasks:

  • Follow lord
  • Defend lord
  • Defend area
  • Stay
  • Collect resources/blood.